Monday, March 14, 2016

Patriotism in JCS

As Superintendent of Johnston County Schools, I am proud to serve a Board of Education that promotes patriotism.

All of our classrooms have the American flag displayed for use during the Pledge of Allegiance, which is recited by students everyday through the direction of Board Policy.  All of our schools display the American Flag and the North Carolina Flag, and we encourage our students to participate in raising and lowering the flags as a part of their school and community service.

Patriotism for Johnston County Schools is not just about the displaying of flags in our classrooms and our schools; it is a part of the heart and culture of our schools. As a school system, we also have the honor and privilege of working closely with our veterans in preparation for our annual Veterans Day Ceremony, an event that has grown immensely over the past 11 years and has seen upwards of 2,000 in attendance.

Community involvement is important part of what makes Johnston County Schools great. In fact, local organizations like the Woodmen of the World have donated classroom flags to several of our schools in the past and have donated new American Flags for every school in Johnston County to help preserve the respect and honor that should be attributed to our Flag. In cooperation with The Tuscarora Council, boy scouts also helped Johnston County Schools to properly dispose of the older flags that had been replaced.

As we continue to encourage patriotism among our youth, we do ask that any group requesting to distribute flags work with administrative services at the central office in order to help gain approval and to help facilitate the process.

As Superintendent, I encourage open dialogue with all of our stakeholders.  Your voice is an important part of our community and school system and we want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

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